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 Based on the novels Ian's Realm Saga by D.L. Gardner.

​It’s obvious Ian’s Realm (the film) has much in the way of box office potential at an International level and is a diamond in the rough waiting for discovery. - Vents Magazine read the entire review

"Ian’s Realm Saga: Sample of Promising Fantastical Adventure-" Indie Short Mag. read the entire review

"Enthralling. A fair way of portraying a teenager's path to maturity." -Amazon review

"The story had heart, harshness, forgiveness and humor. Made me laugh and cry." -Amazon review

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Ian's Realm Saga has been a passion project ever since I started writing the novel in 2011. The story came about from my observation of my grandsons struggle through their teens without the relationship of their fathers. Ian is a young man who, with his dad, accidentally creates a portal into a magical world, enters, and when his father disappears, he is made captive by dragon worshipers. True, it's a fantasy tale, but it also speaks strongly of the relationship between a boy and his father. The story resonates both beauty and terror; wonder and dread; intrigue and disenchantment. Add to that a fiery dragon, a cranky wizard, a comical computer character come to life, and a boy struggling to become a man - you have the makings of what has become a rich and rewarding piece of family entertainment.


The series has grown into six volumes so far. The book itself has been downloaded to digital readers over 30,000 times since its first launch in 2012. Ian's Realm, the novel, has soared in ranking on Amazon's best seller's list in 2012  and again in 2018 in-between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. And this year it topped both Harry Potter and Wrinkle in Time in the children's fantasy category in Canada and in the UK the novel topped Suzanne Collins' MockingJay.



In 2016 we filmed a sizzler for book 5. Cassandra's Castle which was screened at 14 film festivals including Grauman's Chinese Theater and an AMC in Florida. With the same crew we have working on Ian's Realm, the sizzler was presented 3 trophies including one for the pilot script.

These days are troubling days for us. Our youth especially are looking for answers, for guidance, and for stability. I believe Ian's Realm offers significant solutions in an exciting and entertaining format.


Who hasn't fallen in love with a fantasy story in their youth and at the same time found themselves pulling for good over evil? 


As one reader wrote in his review about the novel:


"Geek grows up in two world's.... Learns the value of love and saves the day... Great characters. Wonderous way to teach moral wellness." -Bingaux


Ian's Realm is based on seven novels, one novella and four short stories.

Our short film is a combination of books 1 - 3 formerly published as Deception Peak, Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers. These stories have been combined into a trilogy titled the Ian's Realm Saga.

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Book 4, Layla, was rebundled this year from the books Layla: Born at Night and Fallen Morning. This novel is being introduced with illustrations and a total revision. I think you'll like it! Right now it's on Kickstarter with lots of swag, prints, ebooks, and more.

The other books of the series will have a similiar makeover this year and I'm hoping to be able to write the next installment, book 6. Keep an eye out on this page, or my main page to follow and subscribe.


For anyone wanting swag from our filming, including the special edition of Ian's Realm Trilogy, or the dragon poster signed by the actors, (Including Robert Miano), send me an email.

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Portal Poster 11 X 17 $100 donation

Interested in being a supporter or an associate producer of our pilot episode? We have some wonderful perks left from our Seed and Spark campaign available to you. Email for more information. We have copies of the special edition novel Ian's Realm Saga signed by our cast on set in Morton WA. Also signed by the cast are Portal Posters.

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