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FireRing@ Productions LLC has been working for a few months now on preproduction of a proof of concept film designed to show investors and distributors our concept for a TV series. Ian's Realm Saga, a series of 5 books (soon to be 6) 4 short stories and one novella by author D.L. Gardner. We've just launched our website, a preliminary crowdsourcing site we hope you'll take a look at, a FaceBook page, Instagram page and of course, this blog. We hope you'll subscribe to the website and catch all the fun happenings that are part of putting a film together.

The Ian's Realm Saga is a young adult fantasy story. When Ian Wilson and his adventurous father discover a portal to another world connected to their computer, they step in. Lured by strange melodies and a deception mountain range, Ian's father disappears, and Ian is abducted and enslaved by dragon worshipers. Escape is complicated for Ian by his search for his father who is missing in the dragon's lair, pirates from the real world, and a peculiar mystery involving a young boy.

I hope you're intrigued enough to follow this website, take a look at the perks we're offering on our DONOR PAGE to help us get this project off the ground, and check us out on social media.

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