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Ian's Realm: Pre Production

Thank you for participating in our production. You are invited to subscribe to the website and this blog where we will keep you informed about our progress.

We have a lot of wonderful things going on behind the scenes, from additional fundraising at our Fiscal Sponsor's site From the Heart Productions, to planning a table read, making costumes and constructing our sets and weaponry.

From the Heart Productions is a 501c3 company whose purpose is to help independent filmmakers realize their dream by providing a way for donations to be tax deductible.

We've signed with Ray Hammar at Blue Collar Artworks for some set and weaponry props.

Ray has a wonderful foundry. It's been fun talking to him about his work because he's very much like Ian's father, Alex. Which makes his creations just perfect for the story.

One of the exciting things about Indie filmmaking is networking with local businesses and finding a spot to fit their talents into the production.

Carol Caldwell and her glass art, Touch of Color will be contributing to some very dynamic detail in the story. I can't say too much about what she's making for us. It's a surprise, and I'm sure it will be a very beautiful surprise at that!

Robert Odekirk has been involved in this series ever since we produced the first book video for Dragon Shield (Part 2 in the volume). He made the shield, which hangs on my wall and which will play an important role in the film. Robert is a leather-smith and jouster, having just recently won a tournament. He's doing the leather work for our Kaempern warriors.

Vicki Baltmiskis, you know her from Cassandra's Castle's (book 5)

costuming, is once again sewing for us. I'll be posting updates on her work soon.

So though we are quiet, we are busy. Your dollars are being well spent and the production is advancing nicely. Of course, we can always use investors and more donations, so if you have friends, family or co workers please send them our links below.

Thank you again for everything!

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